• September 28, 2013


Photography – why picking such a complex and subjective topic to discuss it? This is just to get the ball rolling and invite all the art lovers to comment and add their views on this as why they love photography, what they find attractive at photography, what is the driving motivation behind sometimes such an exhausting and time consuming profession or passion and how did you discover Photography? Well, I can now see you subtly looking at me as if you were thinking: “Since you are the one proposing it, why don’t you share these first?”. Alright, I’ll do it. How did it all start? It’s been years back when I was invited to a wedding for a long weekend, since I was expected to take part at both civil ceremony and religious one next day. Groom and bride found out that their already booked photographer will make it only at the religious ceremony and had nobody to take photos for the civil one. That’s when I asked if they wouldn’t mind myself to do it and they happily agreed and thanked me for that. I’ve been given a camera from another guest, a Sony DCS-H7 compact camera. Everything turned out much better than I ever expected, that everybody was choosing most of my photos to upload them online and share with their friends. Relatives of the couple came to me to thank me and complimented my photos in many instances, thing that made me consider looking more into this area of art. That’s how it all started for me. I see Photography as one of the things where Creativity can be nurtured and developed, while creativity as a drop of Divinity shared with humanity. What was the first camera I started with? It was a Sony DSC-H9. Why I find it more and more attractive? Photography is one of the practices that requires you to know Physics, Optics, Technology, Geometry, all these pillars found in exact science, while still making it obvious the need to be gifted with an “eye for” it which we call it “Composition”. Owning the knowledge and being gifted with the talent for composing the shots is what makes the difference. Which part of Photography I prefer? That would be Wedding Photography for various reasons which would probably make for another topic to be open.

That was my story, what’s yours?

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